Our teachers provide high-quality instruction through a comprehensive curriculum, as well as a full range of positive behavior interventions and support, that will help prepare your child for high school, career, college and life.

We recently adopted a new mathematics curriculum to help ensure rigorous instruction, and we offer high quality reading instruction with a comprehensive phonics program and instructional interventions when extra support is needed.

We believe well-rounded education extends outside the traditional subjects. Therefore, our students receive science, social studies, and specials including Art, Music, PE, and STEM. We also offer after school programming and competitive sports at Hurley Ranch and Dos Rios.

Our schools implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Support to help our students learn the social-emotional skills they will need to succeed in school, career, and life.  

We also provided a school counselor, behavior interventionist, and health office aide at each campus to help meet any needs your child may have.  Finally, we work to support students and their families with any behavioral health concerns that might arise.